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What began as a mapping of human meaning now defines human meaning, and has begun to control, rather than simply catalog or index, human thought.

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Evil men could be destroyed, but nothing could be done with good men who were deluded. The project had Clarke's approval. To impress his friends with Rashaverak's presence, Boyce holds a party, during which he makes use of a Ouija board. Schuyler Miller said the novel was "all imagination and poetry," but concluded it was "not up to some of Clarke's other writing" due to weakness in its "episodic structure. Joy can only be fully appreciated if we experience pain. At the end of the novel, it becomes clear that Karellen is here foreseeing how humans will merge with the cosmic Overmind, at which point humanity will become part of the power directing the Overlords. Baseball is the perfect background noise for doing just about anything, including taking a much needed nap to rest the noggin for a few minutes. Francis McComas were more skeptical, and faulted the novel's "curious imbalance between its large-scale history and a number of episodic small-scale stories. After one week, the aliens announce they are assuming supervision of international affairs, to prevent humanity's extinction. The departing Overlords offer to take Rodricks with them, but he chooses to stay to witness Earth's end and transmit a report of what he sees. When Jan returns to Earth approximately 80 years after his departure by Earth time he finds an unexpectedly altered planet. Knowing how these things work, they may not want us to know that they are capable of doing that. Plot summary[ edit ] The novel is divided into three parts, following a third-person omniscient narrative with no main character. The Golden Age[ edit ] They had come from outer space— they had brought peace But then the change began.

He foresees that "almost a generation from now, I shall reach the nadir of my popularity, for plans must be put into operation which cannot be fully explained at the time. The Overlords conceal a special interest in the Greggsons' children, Jeffrey and Jennifer Anne, and intervene to save Jeffrey's life when a tsunami strikes the island.

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When Childhood's End was published the following month, it appeared with a dedication: "To Marilyn, For letting me read the proofs on our honeymoon. Men will wish to go out to the stars, and to see the other worlds of the Universe and to join us in our work.

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In the novel, Karellen never names his homeworld. Due to the time dilation of special relativity at near-light-speeds, the elapsed time on the ship is only a few weeks, and he has arranged to endure it in drug-induced hibernation.

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We also learn that the Overlords defer to another power much greater than their own capabilities called The Overmind. People became passive sponges--absorbing but never creating. Education had overcome most of these, for a well-stocked mind is safe from boredom. Murder has become almost nonexistent, and when passion inspires such aggression, it is only the matter of turning a dial for The Overlords to find the perpetrator. One day, Rikki, your descendants in their own ships will be bringing civilization to the worlds that are ripe to receive it — just as we are doing now. Individual agency is on the wane. Vast fortunes were made by those who had a hand in this. At the request of Clarke's agent and unbeknown to Clarke, the story was edited by James Blish , who rewrote the ending. Durant - President of the International Astronautical Federation from to - and his family in the Washington Metropolitan Area, whilst he continued working on the last chapter. The overall implication of the short story, confirmed by Stormgren's musings in the final lines, is that the Overlords had been to earth before and attempted their civilizing experiment already in human pre-history. Due to the time dilation of special relativity at near-light-speeds, the elapsed time on the ship is only a few weeks, and he has arranged to endure it in drug-induced hibernation.

Now the Overlords made their announcement: This was to be the first step in the elimination of the human race and the beginning of—What? Instead of Karellen anticipating humans getting out in the universe and helping the Overlords with their work, Rikki Stormberg in the novel asks him whether this will happen, and Karellen very evasively remarks that one might put it that way.

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Information is processed as continuous functions of values such as voltage and relative pulse frequency rather than by logical operations on discrete strings of bits.

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