A personal story on abortion

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And of course, not all women could travel so that left many women having to take illegal abortion pills alone at home. But try to resist guilt or feelings of obligation. All of the above can have an uncomfortable consequence: Your story might wind up being used in a way you never intended. After Busy Philipps opened up about her abortion on TV, a friend saw an opportunity for a bigger conversation about reproductive rights. Just ahead of the Planned Parenthood forum, during an anti-abortion protest outside, Michelle Shearin, one of the speakers who is now a mother, said she regretted having two abortions, and encouraged advocates who had gathered to reach out to women with understanding and forgiveness. You have to travel abroad. I have a daughter who is the same age. Beyond that, take time to reflect on all the possible outcomes from sharing your abortion story. Rohlinger , Ph.

How can men be allies? This month, Rep.

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We talked about the possible repercussions. I think you should think about starting that hashtag. I refuse to live in shame, and I refuse to hold on to something that I have no shame about.

A personal story on abortion

But all that did was create this impossible situation for doctors who would literally have a copy of the Constitution at the bedside. She doesn't have agency and autonomy to choose when that procedure can happen.

But it is a credit to those brave voices that they told their stories and changed minds to vote Yes.

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Advocates on both sides of the abortion debate consider personal stories to be a key component of winning support. Simply put, Ross has been in this for the long haul.

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Philipps, 39, said on Wednesday. I think you should think about starting that hashtag. This month, Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, used to be opposed to abortion when he came to Congress, but said that speaking to women about abortion had made him change his mind about the issue. To be sure, it's not clear that anyone running — or their spouses or former partners — has had an abortion, and no presidential candidate in the past has admitted to a personal history with abortion. Thankfully, none of these bans have actually gone into effect, but the threat remains chillingly real. According to the Guttmacher Institute, roughly a quarter of all U.
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