An analysis of the journey of eliezer in the novel night by elie wiesel

The night was long and never ending.

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In the middle of a snowstorm, the prisoners begin a death march: they are forced to run for more than fifty miles to the Gleiwitz concentration camp. When problems arise people step up and take responsibility. Night does not end with optimism and a rosy message, but neither does it end as bleakly as many believe. When the train stops, SS officers order that corpses be thrown out of the car. Rather, he nurses his father when he is ill, defends him against bullies, and struggles to keep him alive. On one occasion, the Gestapo even hang a small child who had been associated with some rebels within Buna. He manages to escape and returns to warn the town of the Nazis intentions. The Jewish arrivals are stripped, shaved, disinfected, and treated with almost unimaginable cruelty. His father is his anchor to humanity and goodness of heart.

Sons begin to abandon and abuse their fathers. In no way did Wiesel try to lighten up the story about the concentration camps or the Nazis.

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When an air raid alert drives everyone into the barracks, Eliezer leaves his father and falls deeply asleep. A prime example of this is found in the novel Night, by Elie Wiesel. At the age of fifteen, Eliezer confronts the worst in humanity and the worst in himself.

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Eliezer remains in Buchenwald, thinking neither of liberation nor of his family, but only of food. Eliezer is continually amazed at how inhumane and beastlike the prisoners can become.

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To die today or tomorrow, or later? Eliezer feels indifferent to everything, including death. In the spring of , the Nazis occupy Hungary. Throughout the ordeal, Eliezer and his father help each other to survive by means of mutual support and concern. As Wiesel writes, "All limits had been passed. This can be seen in both the Jewish and German people. His use of fire also helps show his purpose. On April 5, with the American army approaching, the Nazis decide to annihilate all the Jews left in the camp. Night is considered a memoir, however, Wiesel uses fictional characters to tell his story. Eliezer's father is near him, but does not respond to his call and seems dead. In a few months, Moishe returns, telling a horrifying tale: the Gestapo the German secret police force took charge of his train, led everyone into the woods, and systematically butchered them. Over the course of the text Wiesel exposes the full face of the dehumanization perpetrated against the Jewish people.
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Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel Essay