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I am now 23 and have managed to build a good relationship with him since he was released two years ago. When my father was incarcerated, no one in his family made any effort to be in my life. While it is sad that my year-old father is in prison and will no longer communicate with me, it was the right thing to do. Write back soon. I know how it feels to live on welfare checks. She may want to keep him out of jail for her daughters' sakes, but be assured that this young boy is only a stop on the way to his next victim. They also seem to think our yard belongs to them. I beg you to get the word out. Common signs are abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, pain with urination and sex, and pelvic pains. Seeking a Friend Finally home after a tiresome day, I walk to my mailbox. But I love them people, and I see the beautiful humanity of them.

Sentenced with first-degree murder, Pedro was locked up for life, with no chance for redemption, at just 20 years old. I thought the least I could do was write a letter to someone in need of compassion and words of encouragement.

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I beg you to get the word out. I will be anxiously awaiting your letter, Annie. Although he did not pull the trigger himself, his verbal encouragement of an associate was considered enough of an implication of his intent to kill.


I know how it feels to live on welfare checks. Right before I left I think she killed another one of her boyfriends. Your friend, Pedro.

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