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My professional life is now rich and varied, and I have a lot of control over my work.

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I share your view. Coursera , John Hopkins University , Stanford Online , The Guardian and Abacus Bates offer both free and paid-for resources, and in some cases certifications for science writing, where you can learn without having to move from your seat. During the boom years, newspapers hired lots of science writers for weekly science sections. First a caveat: I am probably the wrong person to ask for this advice. On his blog, jimdaleywrites , he explores the process of balancing creative endeavors with professional freelance writing. I usually respond with a hasty email, so that I can get back to figuring out for myself how to be a science writer. Recent stories by Humanosphere writers included the rise of cholera in East Africa linked to El Nino, the 12 deadliest bacteria on earth, results of clinical trials for a new malaria vaccine, and new technology that may make breathing the air in even the most polluted cities better. Writing for free is a very controversial subject among freelancers, because too many people being willing to do it has the effect of driving down pay rates for everyone. We live in a competitive world where job opportunities are limited.

Alt-Ac Careers: Freelance Science Writer August 14, 7 minute read People in academia tend to divide into two camps—those who loathe writing and just want to be in the lab or field doing things and those who love getting their observations or experiments done so they can sit down and write about them.

You just need to have some time and skills to do this work! For people who are moving out of academia and, like me, fall into the second camp, science writing can be a rewarding post-academic career.

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These old and new outlets will probably never support the same number of science writers there were the s, for the simple reason that an article in the Los Angeles Times and an article in the Boston Globe are no longer separated by the miles that divide the two cities.

But I listened to a woman talk about science communication and something perked up inside me.

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I have years of experience as a gardener, but am formally trained as an Ecologist. Specializing in science writing has allowed me to take on projects that I find interesting and engaging.

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Millions of people from coast to coast scrambled to viewing locations within the Path of Totality across America to get a glimpse of the moon blocking out the sun for just a few minutes.

First, read the magazine, blog, online articles.

If writing for mainstream science publications is your goal, many popular online science publications accept pitches from freelancers. Big Buds Mag Big Buds Mag is an authority pub for cannabis industry, policy makers, growers and retailers, and users medicinal and recreational. Pitch your story idea in a couple of paragraphs, show off your writing skills, and make a case for why this story will matter to readers. This means learning how to pitch. In a nutshell, it is a fantastic opportunity for students and scholars! I got a chance to write short pieces, and I realized this was an experience unlike any previous writing I had done. You may also pitch an idea for an infographic related to marine coastal environments. Finally, in the project-budget based model, you often need to auction for such projects. Key areas for science writing include articles about growing and cultivation methods, medical research, and scientific advances in cannabis. If you can explain scientific research in consumer-friendly language to help women make better food, fitness, and lifestyle choices, pitch a one-page story idea. I got the job and accepted enthusiastically, even though it represented a definitive career shift away from traditional science journalism and toward science education. Being flexible and accommodating gains you valuable goodwill.

Please write a reflection on the book and how I can apply it in my daily life. If you love Science, then this your chance to shine!

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It took a very long time for many in the science writing world to realize that change was coming, and many tried to ignore it once it had arrived. There are plenty of science writing opportunities out there for freelancers willing to put in the work to pitch great story ideas. Lynn D is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments. At the time, magazine publishers did not see the point of rigging their computers to telephone wires. As a result, my focus was scattered: a resume here, a series of blog posts there, the occasional ghostwritten eBook. And other people veer off in unexpected directions. Here are a few places to continue reading and learning: On the Origin of Science Writers. Lots of it. If you want to make a living as a freelance science writer, look around. My professional life is now rich and varied, and I have a lot of control over my work. And so is mine.
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