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Provides a list of suggested readings on the history of German literature during the Third Reich. Includes a separate listing of authors targeted in the burning. Leipzig: Rosa-Luxemburg-Verein, In art, she is commonly represented holding a book to signify the library she saved, and is considered a patron saint of libraries and librarians.

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United States Holocaust Memorial Council. Includes brief biographical entries on many of the authors whose books were burned, bibliographic references and an index. Well-organized and ensuring patrons of the library that no harm would come to them, group members systematically smashed microfiche machines and threw books into the nearby waterway. But what makes a text un-German? Burning of Arian books[ edit ] According to the Chronicle of Fredegar , Recared , King of the Visigoths reigned — and first Catholic king of Spain , following his conversion to Catholicism in , ordered that all Arian books should be collected and burned; and all the books of Arian theology were reduced to ashes, along with the house in which they had been purposely collected. Kuhn, Michael. Hitler started a world war to achieve his dream of world domination. The Nazi regime in Germany implemented itself swiftly and effectively - the National Socialists had only three Nazis in a cabinet of twelve in January , yet within two months Hitler had consolidated his political power by entirely legal means. The intentional deletion or removal of these works has been often referred to as a new form of book burning. The book focuses on the life of a nine year old girl, Liesel Meminger, living in Germany during this period of history.

Includes archival footage of the Nazi book burnings. The communists burned untold numbers of decadent western books and writings in the Soviet Union from the s on, and several American libraries burned the works of supposedly pro-Communist authors during the McCarthy era.

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G3 H65 [ Find in a library near you external link ] Discusses the historical context of the book burnings in relation to the larger chain of events that lead to the wholesale confiscation and destruction of Jewish cultural property in the Holocaust.

Christian book burnings[ edit ] In the New Testament 's Acts of the Apostlesit is claimed that Paul performed an exorcism in Ephesus.

While the book-burnings of were largely independently led by fascist students, presaging the "mass violence, real and symbolic" that was then starting to take over Germany, they were actively encouraged by the Nazi leadership in a bid to "purge the un-German spirit".

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Tress, Werner. While the main goal was not destruction for destruction's sake, the resulting damage to the ephemera still carries weight within the library community. Identifies the public spectacle of the book burnings as a calculated example of Nazi anti-intellectualism. Zusak is revealing to the reader that words can be very powerful. Mai bis 3. Audiences now see many posters, flyers, and advertisements with World War II propaganda on them. Berlin: Parthas, Includes many illustrations. Walberer, Ulrich, editor. Most critics, at the time and up to the present, justify Brod's decision. Baum, Wilhelm and Dietmar W. Haarmann, Hermann. Kaplan, Richard. Such barbarity was just the beginning, however. The world was outraged at the loss of knowledge that these demonstrators had caused, and instead of winning support and getting attention on the issue of apartheid, the international audience cried out against the actions at the Amsterdam's South African Institute.

The united bands will play parade music 2. This library contained copies of titles that were burned by the Nazis in their campaign to cleanse German culture of Jewish and foreign influences such as pacifist and decadent literature.

Reprints the texts in both German and English of some of the speeches, chants and declarations delivered on May 10, Beyerchen, Alan. The drive behind such acts can either be political, cultural, or religious resistance to the material in question.

A passage in the New Testament Book of Acts Acts suggests Christian converts in Ephesus burned books of "curious arts", generally taken to mean traditional magic: "Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together and burned them before all men.

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