Celtic writing tattoos

As well as the strong emotional message many Celtic tattoos express, such ink work can also provide either a reference or entry point to, or indeed a deepening involvement with, neo-paganism or other esoteric belief systems.

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Create text-based logos and images with celtic fonts Below is a collection of celtic fonts. Boudicca was justifiably enraged, and sent messages to her neighbouring tribes, asking them to join her in rising up.

Celtic imagery has also often been associated with Irish republicanism, and this idea of anti-colonial revolt may provide for some the key appealing aspect of such tattoos — that they symbolise revolution and differentiating oneself from the crowd. No-one knows what happened to Boudicca, but with this pivotal battle decided, the Romans stayed in Britain for another three centuries and ventured further north, deeper into Celtic Britain.

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Who were these people, where did they live and what stories and legends have come down to us over the years? These would have been created using the woad plant, native to Britain and Ireland, which when dried and subsequently boiled into a paste produced a vivid blue dye.

You can use the following tool to generate text images based on your selection of colors, sizes using celtic fonts in seconds.

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While there is a huge variety of Celtic tattoos, there are a several common themes which are pervasive.

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