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Gone are the days of repeating yourself, ad nauseum, with every single student. Why do the people considered the best in the world need coaching? Most of the blogs and advice online is so generalized that it's a waste of time, and sending in sub-par applications is a waste of money.

But, even the best at what they do need coaching every once in a while.

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Should I write about X in my essay? The videos average 20 minutes each and can be viewed on a computer or on a cell phone. Today, I read yours and I loved it so much, I decided to stop what I was doing so that I could write to you. I'm here to change that. Students using my method have gotten accepted into their top choice schools including ivy leagues and exclusive honors programs. But, even the best at what they do need coaching every once in a while. I am so excited to get back to my students and use your exercises. Writing a stellar college essay isn't a guarantee that a student will be accepted. At best, she has a teacher who is taking class time to guide her. This is a time for your teen to tell admissions her story, so have her learn to tell it well. I laughed out loud — I loved the scene you set, your insight, your sensitivity. At worst, she's doing this alone by piecing together information from online sources or "winging-it. If you've ever had a teacher who showed you a new way to do a math problem, a creative way to remember or formula, or a different lens under which to consider a novel, you may have had an "aha moment" where you finally "got it. I hope you enjoyed writing it as much we enjoyed reading it. What should she look for when she revises her essays?

In this course, I will share the insider's secrets of what makes an outstanding essay. He works privately with a small number of students. I highly recommend their services!

college essay workshop near me

How it works: This course is a concise, 6-module, online video series that uses a topic-by-topic approach to applicants to write outstanding college application and scholarship essays.

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The College Essay Course