Death and impermanance

meditation on death and impermanence

In our day-to-day lives, we become absorbed and distracted by our thoughts, feelings and activities. This quotation is also very, very useful to remember. Therefore [since tomorrow is very indefinite], it is more worthwhile and wise to be prepared for the future life than for tomorrow.

However, if we actualize that path, then we can be free from death and rebirth, sickness, old age and so forth.

This would be your best meditation, this would be everything, and also it will bring all the success up to enlightenment. We all have the potential to connect beyond our ordinary minds to our deeper state of profound wisdom, love, and compassion. The particular kind of laziness in the west is an active one. We have to overcome this mistaken conception. Just as they have ceased to exist, so will I. Now, I keep my body nicely covered with clothes; soon the time will come when it will be dead, like stone, feeling nothing. Most of the remaining daytime is spent in distraction or creating negative karma, the cause of suffering. Remembering impermanence and death is also important if you just want to be reborn in the upper realms or free yourself from samsara. Where she was, the refugees were mainly monks from Lhasa. As many split seconds as there are in my karmically projected lifespan, as each one passes, my life is getting closer to its end, continuously finishing. When we take care of those most important things, then we can relax. Those who allow it not only surrender to the death of their bodies but they allow their ordinary mind to die with all its delusions as well. The Buddha said you have to find out for yourself.

Imagine a person walking through a tiger-infested forest. At the intellectual level everybody knows we are going to die, but what does death really mean? We come to realize that only two things really matter when we die -- how we have lived and the state of our mind.

It is this state of mind that is said to endure past death.

Tags: chogyam trungpa , death , impermanence , reincarnation Sometimes I wonder if religion would exist at all if it didnt address the most daunting fact that we human beings are faced with: that we are going to die and that everything we experience in life is impermanent. At the hour of death even universes containing numberless jewels that could bring all wishes cannot prevent death from occurring. This body, which has always enjoyed the best of food and drink, will soon be unable to swallow anything at all, even drops of medicine put into my mouth. At present, your mind is not well trained, but as you train it through continuous meditation, your feelings will get stronger and stronger and it will feel more and more true, real. Knowing this, one should, from the very first, renounce acquisition and heaping up, and building, and meeting; and faithful to the commands of an eminent guru, set about realizing the Truth which has no birth or death. Of course, generally speaking, thinking about emptiness is profound, but when you are experiencing an immediate problem, thinking about death is more profound. Three or four days later, completely unexpectedly, she was dead. As long as this cause of suffering remains, suffering is certain to arise. Then he passed away. The great yogi Milarepa—his body was something else. That is my main request to you. Their strength and ability to live an ascetic life in extremely isolated places; to practice the vast and profound subjects no matter how long it took to receive realizations and attain the higher paths, how difficult it was; to generate the incredible energy required to persevere in their practice—all these things came from thinking about the shortness of the human life, impermanence and death; their receiving enlightenment in their lifetime was also due to this remembrance. The one on the popsicle is the six-syllable clairvoyance mantra. People dying while eating meat or fish, when a bone gets stuck in their throat.

People recognized her as having a good personality and being wise. Then you finish up with great suffering at the time of death—not only have you used your whole life to create the cause of suffering, you also have no happiness or peace of mind when you die.

Death and impermanance

You discover something in yourself that does not die. Remembering impermanence and death is powerful, too, because it helps you put an end to all 84, delusions. This body, which at present has the ability to express all its desires, will soon be unable to see properly or even explain my will. So, just as this happens to other people, the same thing will happen to us. And even if I have created a little merit, I have destroyed most of it by not dedicating it and generating the negative minds of heresy, anger and so forth. Anyway, this is just a little story of impermanence. Life finishes so quickly. Death has many causes and so its time is uncertain: 1. I replied only occasionally; maybe only three or four times altogether. To truly realize love for one another, we have to let go. Then the next thing is that we are going somewhere very heavy after this life. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered outside in her garden. Also, she had the constant wish to help other people, especially Westerners, but always worried that she was incapable of doing so. Trying to forget these things is not the solution.

There were stories about that baby. Why should I be Afraid of Death? From there we never ever get reborn in the lower realms, we are free forever. The longer my mind remains distracted the more I miss the chance of seeing the planets; as the fuel burns, time gets shorter.

This is much more useful than trying to stop the fear that normally arises from remembering death by ignoring it, and it has all those advantages that I mentioned before. Remembering impermanence and death is also important if you just want to be reborn in the upper realms or free yourself from samsara. Not only is remembering impermanence and death useful at the beginning of the practice—where it persuades, or obliges, you to seek out the Dharma, to begin to practice, to meditate, instead of following your negative mind and acting opposite to the Dharma—it is also beneficial during the practice, once you are on the path, where it very useful in making you continue to practice. This kind of attachment, Sogyal Rinpoche teaches, is actually what spoils love. If you do this properly, all of a sudden, the uncomfortable feeling, the negative mind that you feel coming up strongly, growing strongly—pride, anger, whatever it is—will loosen, subside, or relax. This is the way it works; this is how not remembering death prevents whatever practice we try to do from becoming pure. We cannot find satisfaction even if we find the desirable object. Things like falling asleep during meditation, getting easily distracted and finding it difficult to focus on the subject show that you need energy, that you need to work on a better understanding of impermanence and death.

Rinpoche: Do you mean thinking that through your pure Dharma practice you can release your temporal problems?

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Contemplation on Death and Impermanence