Dr b r ambedkar a social reformer

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Krishnamachari said, " This, one has to agree, was a very sound approach to the Depressed Classes problems. He wrote a number of books for this purpose. InDr. D, Columbia, and D.

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Shahu IV — With his profound knowledge of the law, and his deep-rooted desire for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden, Dr. His second wife Savita had no children. His first organised attempt was his establishment of the central institution Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabhaintended to promote education and socio-economic improvement, as well as the welfare of " outcastes ", at the time referred to as depressed classes.

But this was only the spadework for future reforms.

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Throughout his childhood and youth, Dr. If they could not do this, they would not be just on their part to ask the Hindus to do away with the institutions of caste and untouchability.

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Dr Ambedkar A social reformer