Ecuadorian rose industry

what allows flowers to get so tall and big in ecuador

More efficient harvesting techniques. Developed nation should take steps to respond to the poor working condition in the industry like the European Union improved environmental safeguards.

Europe country will lose from this importation. Ans: Just like Maria, many other people in Ecuador can earn and maintain their regular life. Who loses?

where are roses grown commercially

Do you think the benefits outweigh the costs? In response some Ecuadorean grower have joined voluntary program to helping the consumers to identify responsible grower.

Who in these countries benefit from the importation of Ecuadorean roses, and how do they benefit? Less profit will lead to layoffs, which will soon lead to foreclosures and bad debt with the government. Should importers in some way certify Ecuadorean producers, only importing from those who adhere to strict labor and environmental standards?

By dispersing production activities to different location around the globe the US and European countries producers can take the advantage of difference between countries identified by various theories of international trade.

The combination of intense sunlight, fertile volcanic soil, an equatorial location, and high altitude makes for ideal growing conditions, allowing roses to flowers almost year-round.

ecuador roses long lasting

Area on which the rose is grown. This gives the roses about 12 hours of daylight every day.

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