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Accountability includes a sense of moral accountability to the public with various kinds of sanctions guaranteed by the rule of law. Similarly, media became mouthpiece of government in propagating preventive measures from dengue virus.

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With reporting objectively on irregularities in the electoral process, media shows the true face of certain politicians. Coverage of exploitative malpractices of village heads and moneylenders has helped in taking stringent actions against them by attracting government attention. We all know that the media informs, educates and entertains.

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For example, it is unacceptable that in this small country of sq. He did not govern the people justly. In answer to this question, it could be helpful to view the issue from four perspectives: 1. For a developing country like India which still reels with superstition, communalism and casteism, the involvement of media becomes even more important. There is no need to emphasis that a free press, which is neither directed by the executive nor subjected to censorship, is a vital element in a free state; but in particular, a free, regularly published, political press is essential in the modern democracy. In this aspect, it has demonstrated its excellence in bringing to book some of the law breakers in recent times. To crown it all, there is the urgent need to establish a permanent and an independent anti-corruption commission answerable only to the Gambian Public and the National Assembly. The journey of India from developing nation to a developed nation will depend on the role played by the media in the country. Development is not merely guaranteed by the amount of resources available or invested, or by big government which is able to identify the needs of the people, rather development can only be enhanced, sustainable and effective when it is based on the recognition that it is a human right. Wednesday, July 22, Role of Media in Good Governance The media is a carrier of information, it stands for all the agencies which are focussed on presenting the information to the people. In , the British beheaded their king for not paying heed to their demands. The government broadcasts weather related information via radio channel which is very essential for the farmers, similarly the warnings related to flood is broadcasted near the coastal areas for the fishermen.

While a large number of journalists cover the more glamourous and glitzy events and news, less report on the number of deaths or the unemployment scenario.

Banning of publication in any newspaper of any matter relating to any particular subject or class of subjects would be obnoxious to the right of free speech. A positive relationship between the state and media goes beyond pure laissez-faire to nourishing an independent and pluralistic mediascape.

The popular categories of media are print media, radio broadcast, television and latest being internet medium. In recent years, many governments have tried to co-opt journalists by paying part of their salaries or by giving them certain kinds of access on condition that they will not report from other perspectives.

A dialogue between different stake holders helps foster a friendly environment where different segments of society may exchange views.

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The importance of freedom of expression and speech can be easily understood by the fact that preamble of the constitution itself ensures to all citizens inter alia, liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith, and worship. Given the above, when can we say that there is just and democratic governance in a country? Second, greater participation is important for democratic legitimacy, which depends on the investment people have as citizens in their own governing. In other words, no country or society has ever said to achieve good governance in totality. The government also uses it to popularize its scheme related to rural areas. The media also exposes loopholes in the democratic system, which ultimately helps government in filling the vacuums of loopholes and making a system more accountable, responsive and citizen-friendly. This means every Gambian child has a right to go to school and no one has the right to deny any child to obtain such education. Patanjali Shastri J. It is thus referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy. Indeed, this is the concrete link between the functioning of the media and good governance--the media allow for ongoing checks and assessments by the population of the activities of government and assist in bringing public concerns and voices into the open by providing a platform for discussion. In recent years, many governments have tried to co-opt journalists by paying part of their salaries or by giving them certain kinds of access on condition that they will not report from other perspectives. The freedom of speech is bolstered by the Right to Information. People are able to catch real time event in form of breaking news. Unlike television or radio, one can just look at the internet at a convenient time.

Union of India, S. To better appreciate the necessity of accountability, it is important that journalists know the four fundamental questions about accountability: 1.

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Its moment to moment coverage of the events leading to the elections, during the election process, and the follow up of elections has helped masses develop informed decision.

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