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It was also provided that the representatives of the provinces and the Indian states will re-assemble for framing the new Constitution. But most important Committee was Drafting Committee.

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It is conventional that the head of the slate will act on the advice rendered to him by the Council of Ministers, except during a short period in India when Forty-Second Constitution Amendment Act, passed and it was made obligatory for the head of the state to act on the advice of his Council of Ministers.

Such a monarch can guide the politicians and that guidance is very much needed in India. Nothing can happen unless most of the people in the country want it.

Adult or Restricted Franchise: Then another problem was whether the people of India should be given the right to vote on the basis of universal adult franchise or some restrictions should be put on voting right of the people.

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Thus applying his second criterion of quantity he lists his constitution as monarchy or tyrannyaristocracy or oligarchy and polity or democracy. Problem of Reservation of Seats: A very serious problem which the Assembly had to face was that of reservation of seats.

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It will also divide Provincial representatives into three sections, namely, A, B and C as detailed below: It was left to each section to frame provincial constitution and also to decide whether the group constitution should be applied to those provinces and if so what subjects should be transferred to the centre and which ones will be dealt with by the provinces. This was indirect approval of Constitution given by them to the nation. India does not give special status to any religion. One of the most important functions of the Parliament is to give the nation laws needed by it for smooth running of administration. The Resolution stated as follows: 1 The Constituent Assembly declares its firm and solemn resolve to proclaim India as an Independent Sovereign Republic and to draw up for her future governance a Constitution. Every state will try to promote its own interests rather than national interests. The constitution of the USA was the first written constitution to be drafted by a Constituent Assembly. It was dedicated to the people of India and formally the Constitution was inaugurated on 26th January, So every constitution contains some written provisions and also some unwritten conventions.

The Form of Government: First major problem before the Constituent Assembly was that it was to decide about the form of government, which India in future should have.

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Constitution of India