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But really making the best word of mouth marketing campaign strategy requires greater thought. People want to be entertained, challenged and emotionally affected by experiences that they potentially want to have in their life.

The American Marketing Association took a closer look at word of mouth marketing, asking brands what they think about it and what they are doing about it. Word of mouth is the flywheel that keeps every business going. Go above and beyond for the customer. How often do you discuss a purchase, ask for advice or just share your experiences with a company or product? But they increasingly happen in a very public space: the social Web. Trust cannot be build overnight. Or running an ongoing social media competition on your own hashtag is another. In order to increase the power of word of mouth Organizations needs to understand the importance of this intangible and often elusive form of marketing. The same report says 77 per cent of people are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it through friends and family, while 41 per cent are more likely to purchase when they learn about something through public events. To make effective word of mouth we need to mix Architectural, Kinetic and Generous there these are the flour, butter and sugar.

Marketing has been viewed traditionally as a business activity. But there are other ways too.

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Referral marketing is marketing based on one friend sharing with another. These tactics did not last for long because public pressure caused problems against high-pressure sales techniques and false advertising. The most important aspect in engagement marketing is to carry out the experiential promotion as a part of a combination with other advertising techniques.

We should make our customers proud when they tell about our company to others.

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