Fedex case study harvard

The Courier Pak service is profitable and it fits perfectly with the overall company strategy for growing Federal Express. The advantage of FECs Courier Pak over Express Mail and the airlines is the door-to-door service using a fireproof and waterproof envelope.

It was based on the principle that packages had different needs than people so both needed to be flown on different aircraft while serving different locations. However, Consultants and Co is assuming that an advertising push to raise awareness in the right circles and an in person relationship building approach with the companies will result in the current low numbers of subscribers to Courier Pak in the service industry category to increase ten-fold.

Fedex case study harvard

The analysis shows Courier Pak to be great service with a huge potential for growth in the coming years. Something similar might happen right now. This can be done by very simple things like new award systems or letting part- time workers more regularly flow into full- time, instead of hiring new people from outside.

The employees are allowed to freely express their opinions about management's policies.

federal express the money back guarantee case solution

Automatically an employee record is created which then have to be continuously updated by the employee who are empowered and expected to maintain their own personal data. However, we believe that FedEx should keep improving and innovating itself in order to keep their employees satisfied, because nothing is worse than a dissatisfied worker.

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