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More people and bigger the space covered shall require more staircases. There are 13 fire stations in Dhaka City, that is, one fire station and about twenty firefighters for about every eight lakh people.

The model considers individual profiles walking speed, delays, etc.

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She highlighted the lack of empirical data and the limitations of using a general model for this kind of scenarios, and suggested future development for addressing the problem of simulating assisted evacuations. They shall take refuge in a 'refuge cell' and fire services personnel shall come and rescue them from within. The zoning has an effect on precautionary and preventive measures to be taken, and control measures to be installed. Compared to UK's population 60million over , reported fire incidents, Bangladesh population million has around 10, The community safety model supports preventative measures that can save considerable funds in the medium term for the different agencies involved. Currently, there is a lack of data related to these preparation times and transportation speeds. However, few of them are able to simulate assisted evacuations. The VPI has enhanced the identification of vulnerable individuals. Fire hazard has multiplied in this country because of a Taller buildings, b Air-conditioned ENCLOSED space, c Increased use of electro-mechanical equipment, d Increased use of flammable finish materials, e Designers not addressing new hazard dimension.

Patients being cared for in health care premises will vary considerably in terms of mobility and levels of awareness during a fire situation.

These are usually entertaining and designed to capture children's attention and relay important messages.

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These reviews show that, apart from their possibilities, it is difficult to apply directly the current evacuation models to the scenarios that involve assisted evacuations, due to the presence of vulnerable people who cannot evacuate by themselves health care facilities, kindergartens and schools.

After the plan has been prepared, it must be submitted to the Chief Fire Official or authority having jurisdiction for approval. Considering the limited number of studies on assisted evacuations, this work aims to provide a deeper insight on the modeling issues to simulate such an event.

There are two axioms worth noting. Tall buildings must be designed with 'refuge cells', preferably every five floors. For example, a fireworks exhibition may require an application to be filed by a licensed pyrotechnician, providing the information necessary for the issuing authority to determine whether safety requirements can be met.

This will have significant economic value in the region but most importantly will reduce human suffering.

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