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True education can not be imparted in any country before it has acquired liberty, for in such country all schools of the people possess no rights, their education will be wholly under the control of the government Try to include liberty and equality in the politics of your country and then you will find true knowledge and happiness everywhere Ghadar Di Goonj was published in Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi.

Ghadar activists undertook what the British described as political terrorism. These laws fed growing discontent, protests and anti-colonial sentiments within the community.

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They beg government to give them their rights merely by begging Its business is to celebrate certain festivals and to send congratulatory messages to the Lieutenant Governor. Almost every year an Englishman is appointed as its president.

Where will be the Revolution?

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On 15 March he was hanged by the colonial government.

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Ghadar Movement