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Why do the mothers of today have to work outside the home versus working in the home, much like their mothers did.

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However, even they are employed, they are still primarily responsible for the home and family. It has always boggled my mind how she was able to pull all of this off.

In the past, mothers usually stayed at home to raise their children, so they did not need to decide who nurtured the children.

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When everyone is out of the house, she goes about her day: vacuuming and cleaning the house, going grocery shopping, doing the laundry, caring for any children not in school, picking up the kids from school, helping children with homework, carting kids to after school soccer practices and meetings, and making dinner just in time for the return of her husband There seems to always be a battle between working mothers and stay at home mothers, and the debate has always been controversial.

To meet growing demands, it's getting difficult for families to depend on one income. As the study suggests: "If you're a boy and you see your dad chipping in a lot at home when mom's at work, you'll quickly get a sense that that's what 'boys' 'do.

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That was the Children of Working Mothers vs.

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Essay on Working Mothers