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In the fire truck case, the expected evidence is tat a fire truck approached the intersection and that the defendant did not stop his car.

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Opening and closing arguments are critical to any high school Mock Trial case and serve several important functions. But keep in mind the time limits that your mock trial competition sets. Don't mention any testimony or evidence that you cannot successfully back up during the trial.

An essential element of an opening statement, then, is the judicious use of details in support of the accuracy, dependability, or believability of your facts.

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Although these two parts of a case—the opening argument and the closing argument—may seem similar and certainly require the same foundational skills, they are different enough in purpose to require specific and targeted preparation.

This allows for a streamlined introduction to the facts, as well as the structure of the case, and minimizes confusion created by varying orders. So long as you avoid lapsing into argumentative form you may develop your theory of the case.

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The key is to weave the information about the witnesses into the narrative so that the witness references arise in the context of your theory of the case. It was sounding its siren and flashing its lights.

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State your theory clearly The most important rule concerning opening statements is to present a coherent theory of the case. Prepare an opening argument just as you would any important public speech. The Skills Required for a Strong Opening and Closing Argument As mentioned earlier, a core set of skills is required for nearly all parts of Mock Trial competition, including opening and closing statements. As all trial lawyers learn, the absence of evidence can be as telling as the evidence itself. An opening provide a road map or an overview to help the jurors follow along and to provide context to what they are going to see and hear. The Importance of Memorization Finally, one feature common to all outstanding opening and closing arguments is that they are memorized. The fire truck was flashing its lights and sounding its siren. Because the prosecution team presents their opening statement first, and because they have the burden of proof the requirement to prove the defendant guilty , their opening will include much more storytelling. In considering what to include in your opening paragraph, choose the information that you hope will remain in the mind of the fact-finder when the trial is over. Judges have to pick jurors that don't know anything about a case — that way the jurors can be impartial. The rebuttal. Don't bog the jury down with too many details. Hartmann, crashed into her from behind. If an attorney can move from the counsel table, walk over to the exhibits, and end in front of the judge, they display an invaluable sense of comfort and poise.

Many tools are available to accomplish this goal. Thus, your opening statement should, at some point and in some manner, address all of these statements: What happened?

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You will also see a receipt for the purchase of a new backpack and camp stove, purchased by the plaintiff last August A witness-by-witness rendition of the facts is unlikely to produce a coherent story when the witnesses take the stand and testify for themselves. Evidence that no witness can verify or that is inadmissible under the rules of competition is not provable. Making sure these elements are solid both factually and legally, will create a foundation upon which witnesses and examining attorneys will be able to build on. It neither stands alone as an isolated description of the witness, nor does it interfere with the flow of the narrative. Yours is the last thing the jury will hear before the questioning begins. The second common mistake to avoid is drawing legal conclusions.
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