Human rights and international cooperation development

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Create an enabling environment for civil society engagement in development through sufficient political space and adequate funding. What might it mean in practice for governments around the world to fully respect international human rights law in sustainable development? This will include the activities for the year, but also the resources which will be used.

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Attacks against civil society human rights defenders and community leaders are multiplying everywhere, from Colombia to the Philippines, because of their actions in defence of indigenous groups, against environmental degradation or to denounce injustice.

Our advocacy to ensure the EU takes a leading role in promoting the CRPD globally was already outlined in our 4-year organisational strategy. Are these any more than amorphous and un-actionable commitments to abstract global ideals? Stronger governance Given their scope and complexity, the achievement of NDICI objectives depends on solid governance mechanisms.

International human rights law includes a duty of international cooperation and assistance, of which providing financial development assistance is of course a major component.

Wealthier and more influential governments, in other words, will have to ensure first and foremost full policy coherence with sustainable development, turning the stale dynamic of North-South conditionality on its head. However, the Parliament has reoriented the discussion in its resolution by referring explicitly to poverty eradication and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals as key objectives of the NDICI.

EDF has made a strong and positive change in the world, beyond Europe, since its creation.

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Development cooperation in water and sanitation: is it based on the human rights framework?