Life as a parent

Plot lines are much simpler and before long most hard-covers can be read to children without even actually glancing at the pages.

Becoming a parent for the first time

Which is why it follows that your own kids can drive you mad at times. They know they've got 18 years to turn these small creatures into respectable grown-ups, and they pace themselves. Yelling usually happens in anger and it often frightens and intimidates children. Just make sure you perpetuate that "just the two of us" life you had before. It teaches us valuable life lessons that we hope to pass to our children some day. Don't Try to Do Everything So what do you want your child to be when she grows up? Should she tell her children someday? These are all vital parts of growing up, too. When my daughter fell and skinned her knee after tripping on the sidewalk in front of our house, Lenny, who saw the accident from his garage, went into his kitchen and emerged with a neatly-folded wet paper towel. You are enough, just as you are. It's Normal to Want to Escape Hey, let's talk taboos. Parenting has to be active. None of us is guaranteed anything; we only get once chance to live life. If aspects of your persona attract moral suspicion, the temptation to try to atone through your kids is great. Suppose they go on a vacation to some beautiful, peaceful place -- the mountains, or the coast, or rolling countryside.

That's going to make adulthood really tough for them. I missed the precious little moments in my children's lives because I was distracted with my garbage.

Life as a parent

If aspects of your persona attract moral suspicion, the temptation to try to atone through your kids is great. She was my manager at Burger King and was not shy about putting me in my place.

Responsibilities of being a parent

Loud restaurant chains, playgrounds, and aquatic centers are the common venue choices. My daughter was 4, on her first vacation in Key West, Fla. Reading Pre-parenthood: Perusing through a magazine, reading the newspaper, or relaxing with a great novel used to be the only way to spend a Sunday morning. Image Creditvia Lily Burana Now and then a brave soul will get ahead of the story and wrest control of the narrative. Champion jockey? But it seemed so natural that it was years before I realized that it was just as valuable a skill as treehouse -- building or playing football. Maybe having a broader life experience than other parents makes us more tolerant of complexity, and thus better able to guide our kids through particular adolescent struggles. Daily showers, having enough time to see friends, and going to the fitness center were things that were taken for granted before kids entered the picture. Just do what you feel inspired and able to do. Subscribe for inspiration, empowering articles and expert tips to rock your best momlife. And so are the kids -- leaving home is tough enough without feeling you're tearing your parents' world apart in the process.

The tough bit is actually doing it. Yes, they're allowed to drop ballet if they hate it, even if the teacher did say she thought they had real talent.


Football on Monday, drama on Tuesday, clarinet on Wednesday -- and swimming after that.

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An Honest Look at Your Social Life Before and After Having Kids