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I thought this was such a cool idea because Ive never had a professor make us post our work online to share with others. See example essays from two of the workshop conveners below. I have learned a lot about myself as a writer and I know how to deal with certain situations, like if Im stuck on a sentence for example.

I have never really thought of my development as a writer. The article we read on firstorder and second-order thinking was one of the most useful ones that I have read that has stuck with me.

In contrast to my current lack of conviction before writing, a one-sided view and a narrative approach did not prove particularly devastating to my writing style, but a more balanced perspective would be more effective since this was a History essay that necessitated scaling and comparing of different cases.

Everyone has their own style of writing and I think its neat to be able to see the differences and similarities between each others techniques. Losh and Alexander state, A good argument is actually a lot like a good conversation p. By understanding the rhetoric and rhetorical analysis I learned how to make an argument and take a stand on an issue.

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How am I going to engage the audience? Being an environmental studies major, I read a lot of journals and research that have been peerreviewed. Moreover, there were issues with my writing style that I have learnt to correct. Zeidner Eds.

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What I mean is that I thought we were writing the WP3 in terms of how we were going to transform it hypothetically. This class was challenging but it kept me on my toes and it kept me focused.

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Metacognition Essay Examples