Phd psychology thesis

Be very careful with external partners, especially if you are dealing with multiple individuals.

neuropsychology dissertation ideas

Once I got to know that they did perceive me in a certain way I tried my best to apologize for the misunderstanding and straighten things out. And it is very important to directly take measures against the occasional asshole if — or rather when — this person tries to move against you.

Deal quickly with Colleagues who are Assholes Yep, there is no other way to describe it. It takes time to get to know colleagues and giving them the opportunity to get to know you. It is much harder to change this later — and usually too late. Given that you will spend the next years in the city, make friends with it — if you can.

Get some independent Hobbies There will be times when your work sucks, when nothing works as planned and you just need to do something else. Such being,then, both

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Doing a PhD Thesis in Psychology