Reading and writing for critical thinking

critical thinking evaluation

From a maximum of 60 points, non-participants had an average score of 4. Each year, four courses, each three days in duration, are offered to classes of about 30 educators.

importance of critical thinking in writing

How do I know? Kazakh tradition emphasizes the authority of elders and teachers. To be effective, the programme must achieve lasting change, and be built on trust, respect, collaboration and commitment.


Recognizing that every text has a purpose, they clarify the purpose of texts as they read them. Build-A-Book supports each step of the writing process and allows students to revise and review stories before publishing them to the Kids Writing Library.

The trainers give presentations to the teachers and begin planning the structure and duration of the workshops. When students practice the metacognitive habits embedded in the revision process often enough, they improve their critical thinking skills and predictive reading abilities. When students re-read a draft, they confront the ideas and priorities that were most salient when they wrote it. Interpretation of the text: this means that you should be able to fully analyse the text and state a meaning for the text as a whole. Some secondary teachers feared that the change would involve more work, especially in terms of planning. Critical thinking involves being rational and aware of your own feelings on the subject — being able to reorganise your thoughts, prior knowledge and understanding to accommodate new ideas or viewpoints. The direct benefit to teachers has been another significant achievement.

Since more than educators from every region of the country have been certified as KazRa trainers.

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The International Critical Thinking Reading and Writing Test