Role of teacher in quality sustenance in higher education

This value-addition to the degrees awarded on graduation, will strengthen their global quotient. When the teaching and learning outcomes focus on the first three levels, it is called a surface approach to learning.

Time and energy if expended unwisely due to slow governance or the red —tape effect, leads to depreciation of human resource involvement.

Quality sustenance meaning

Some even offered degrees of foreign Universities to the innocent customers. It will be more effective if it has a participatory nature wherein all are working towards quality assurance and sustenance participation in monitoring the entire system. A sexual harassment cell has to be in place in every educational institution in keeping with government directives of maintaining equality of women. For this the necessary strategy should be employed to put extra effort and resources, into areas needing improvement and those having potential for growth. The creativity of students, teachers and non- teaching staff alike will be kick-started into positive action plans to improve quality in their respective domains. This has resulted in a bad social environment where the teacher-student integral relation has vanished. In order to draw out the student, while dealing with multiple levels of intelligence as well as mixed background groups, it is always good strategy to work with the Mentorship committee of the college, and use the information so culled, to then use various approaches of interactive classroom teaching. The focus of each IQAC is to create awareness in the institutional culture, that quality assurance is prerequisite and non-negotiable. Delay in prompt, swift and impartial Grievance Redressal To address the need to sustain quality in all institutional working, a Five Point Programme may be followed : 1. Among the teaching and non-teaching staff, there cannot be a gender based allocation of work, nor any kind of gender bias as to work allocation within the institution. More important perhaps, it refers to a process of increasing economic integration and growing economic inter-dependence between countries in the world economy. The teachers have failed to live as living examples in their external behaviour, inner integrity, character and mastery of knowledge. Various religious scriptures and number of philosophical thought in India too have highlighted the importance of education right from the early days of human civilization and claimed that salvation is attained through obtaining the true knowledge. However, the economic situation of our country is not in a position to generation employment opportunities to absorb the graduates passing out from the educational institutions. The institution that ideates and innovates constantly, will internalize the need to tap creativity and channelize innovation into implementation.

Lack of adequate funding 3. Patriarchal attitudes of thought and behavior create an imbalance in the working of an institution. Training: In this given situation it is not possible to achieve quality higher education without sufficient training process.

Halfhearted and flagging support from stakeholders 4.

Role of teacher in quality sustenance in higher education

A spirit of mutual co-operation, and a common objective of institutional excellence is thus the main motive of such a training programme. Delay in decision making and lackluster implementation are concrete threats to the sustenance of an idea, which has been transformed into an innovation for the improvement of quality in the institution. The IQAC, which works in tandem with the management, teachers, students and support staff is a constant think tank cum problem solving unit, which creates the space for quality to be nurtured and thus sustained. Over and above these teachers failed to cultivate in students the quality of aspiration thereby raising the human soul from a selfish state of consciousness to higher states. Relationship Management 3. Therefore a learner who underwent learner oriented education is fully equipped to face newer challenges; hence he is likely to highly successful in his life. For this there must be a team or committee in place, which will act as a coordinating committee to facilitate smooth functioning between the ideators and institutional machinery. In such cases, the idea loses its sheen and the ideation suffers lack of infrastructural support and assistance. The reality of liberalization in India has led to a mushrooming of private institutes of higher education, offering multiple vocational courses of suspicious quality. Institution-Industry-Civic Bodies Alliances 5.

APJ Abdul Kalam has proposed steps to meet this challenge. The institution that ideates and innovates constantly, will internalize the need to tap creativity and channelize innovation into implementation. Likewise, the superior kind of student never fails to spot the opportunity of gathering as much information and knowledge as they can from the learning sources and then assimilates everything that they have learned.

How good do we want to be? But in higher education teachers are called to render high level of quality output in education without proper training.

quality in higher education in india

As a result they are unable to give their best in the classroom. Quality suffers from delay.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, has taken a keen interest in quality enhancement and is eager to extend this experiment to other disciplines as well. Assuring and ensuring quality necessitates a deep understanding of the problem areas where quality sustenance may suffer negligence, lethargy, and lack of motivation for excellence. Implementation Any idea brilliantly conceived in an innovation lab, will die a slow death if it is not bought to life carefully and nurtured systemically. The IQAC may constitute a Reward and Recognition Committee to award innovative ideation and may also explore the viability of task- based incentives. Teaching Faculty: It is said that the destiny of India is dependent upon the talent, skills hard work, commitment, foresight, patriotism, missionary zeal, quest for knowledge of the teachers. Lack of adequate funding 3. Tailor made courses, combining e learning with regular classroom teaching can be structured, adopted and adjusted to reflect local needs. Quality Sustenance only exists post quality enhancement. The visionary leadership system means how a leadership is exercised, formally and informally, throughout the organization and what are the basis for and the way the key decisions are made, communicated and carried out. Real time learning will be coupled with textbook pedagogies leading to positive collaboration between education and civic administration.

Quality makes education socially and individually relevant, but if the quality of education is not assured then the education, which is advocated as a solution to social problems, may itself become a problem.

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Steps for Quality Enhancement and Sustenance in Higher Education ~ George