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I see the best way to go through suffering is to trust in God through Christ as touching the world to come; and as touching this world to count the grave my House, and to make my Bed in darkness.

Bunyan left her husband with two daughters and two sons—Mary, Elizabeth, John, and Thomas. A bibliography is included. The offence was punishable by 3 months imprisonment followed by banishment or execution if the person then failed to promise not to re-offend.

A year later he married an eighteen-year-old woman named Elizabeth.

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Opposition in Parliament led to its revocation the next year. To put the matter shortly, it was emphatically not a continuation of the Renaissance.

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Now these men do pretend, that they do verily and truly profess the Lord Jesus Christ; but when it comes to the trial, and their principles be thoroughly weighed, the best that they do, is to take one truth, and corrupt it, that they may thereby fight more stoutly against another.

Blake did 29 paintings based on the book. A look at the man, his time, and his uniqueness.

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Royal Military College: Bunyan's Progress Essay