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If you are looking for more individual practice for each letter then the younger handwriting books are better suited. Are the words in an odd order? After that it goes onto copying out phrases and some Capital Letter Practice Capital letters are 2 pages. The Books I mentioned in the post are these one. I'd recommend these books for anyone else who wants to give their child a helping hand at home. For my son this was just right. And lots more copying out of rhymes, menus, a poem and postcard etc.

Starts off by focusing on joining up two letters and then some basic word practice beneath 12 pages in this format. A dictation task shows whether pupils have understood the terminology and key learning objective.

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Handwriting Practice 2 focuses on joining letters to form words, beginning with letters of a particular shape, those found in common combinations, and themed word practice.

We soon discovered that the children didn't know how to form some letters correctly, this book is perfect to help with this problem. Fully compatible with any school handwriting scheme, Handwriting Practice works methodically through the different letters and joins, and features workbook style exercises for children to complete.

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Engaging Writing tasks encourage pupils to apply what they have learnt in their own writing. Finally, when he has finished the book he could write a short summary.

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If they are keen, help them identify similes and metaphors, alliteration and so on. Add your review.

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