School holiday special discount will be help promote tourism domestic

Ways to improve the tourism industry

So, if Malaysia have a positive image, the number of tourist will increase and Malaysia get many benefit from that. This campaign is to attract international and domestic tourists. The another way to increase the number of tourists in Malaysia is about the cleanliness. The government must to be the cleanliness of the area frequented by tourists. If the total of tourist increase year by year, our country will become popular in tourist eye around the world. Futhemore Malaysian people also have to become very friendly to tourist is the third thing to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia. I know my friends Salsabil and Husna have many idea different my idea.. According to Tan Sri Dr.

Therefore, the minister responsible for tourism in particular must play important role in this campaign to increase the tourist arrivals to our country.

InMalaysia registered Airport is the first thing looked by tourist outside of country because it can make their travel easier to came in Malaysia.

how to improve tourism essay

Many toilet are smelling, dirty and without running water. The holiday packages are categorised by segments such as eco adventure, honeymoon, theme parks, island and beaches, and so on.

Promotion lower package such as lower price for accommodation for tourists, transport system for visit to tourism places and other. Additionally, the government must carry out a major campaign to attract tourists from outside to come to this country.

Many factors that we have to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia. Not only that, tourist also want to came here because they want to know all about Malaysia like its culture, food, celebration and so on.

how to improve tourism in a country

Malaysia community must provide good service and hospitality such as transport, accommodation and other to the visitors travelling to this country.

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