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Customizing games can be done by our team, or we can simply show you how to DIY.

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The dealerships met the request with a hostile and angry refusal. You can expect participants to have a great time and be talking about this as an epic event well afterwards.

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A successful handover of power to the new leadership team was essential, and there is nobody we would have trusted for that but Team Results. I tried many others, and they all "broke", often during the activity. They explored different leadership styles, interviewed community leaders, and related all of this information to their ever-changing leadership roles within the firm.

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Dual Cities For teams and groups that are in different cities, we offer an experience tailored towards parallel play. We've been doing this for nearly ten years, and have built the business in a way such that our customers are 1.

We dream with you, and are open to integrating special requests into our products.

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EverQuest Ft. During Games can be set to run themselves and end at the location of choice. Media Players can share photos, videos, animated gifs and even audio recordings that they create during the scavenger hunt. The mix of videos from the players with those from the crew makes for a great experience. Get Free Quote Tell us a little about you and what you're interested in. Highlight reels, live judging and awards, are also part of our services packages that take your event next level. I tried many others, and they all "broke", often during the activity. This unique mobile platform will make your organization more visible than traditional social media ever could, while engaging your sponsors like never before. I've never had a single technical problem with Social Scavenger. The goal is to be the first to complete the list or to complete the most items on that list. My Coca-Cola colleagues had a blast using the Social Scavenger app to race around central London, on a mission to find our lost secret formula!
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Team Building Event Case Studies