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His conception of a borderless, united Hispanic America sharing a common Latino heritage was a theme that recurred prominently during his later revolutionary activities. He was a maverick and an iconoclast who kicked against all sacred cows he met or looked for.

The tone is hagiographic. Top Questions Why was Che Guevara so influential?

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His Bolivian diary was published in in Cuba with a first edition of , copies. He came to look upon Latin America not as a collection of separate nations but as a cultural and economic entity, the liberation of which would require an intercontinental strategy. In the letter Guevara speaks of traversing the dominion of the United Fruit Company , a journey which convinced him that the Company's capitalist system was a terrible one. But there is more: in their revolutionary praxis, many guerrilla leaders underestimated the immense difficulties of incipient insurgency movements and overestimated the supposed enthusiasm of the poor and indigenous population for joining them. As a child he was a daredevil and many of who knew him personally portray him as utterly fearless. About that time Guevara acquired his nickname, from a verbal mannerism of Argentines who punctuate their speech with the interjection che. I guess the facts speak for themselves, but knowing of Che's intelligence and ruthlessness doesn't detract from his beliefs or accomplishments and so it wasn't altogether necessary for the author to try coat his image in cotton wool. Later, many marveled at how, in death, the communist revolutionary had been put to work for capitalism. He was an excellent athlete and scholar. Cuba did not have a significant indigenous population. Still, news organizations were wary. After the CIA coup against his regime he took refuge at the Argentinean embassy in Guatemala City together with many sympathisers. The remainder of this article appears to be extremely fair and even reverent with regard to Che's life story. In a matter of days he executed a series of "brilliant tactical victories" that gave him control of all but the province's capital city of Santa Clara. In , he traveled to Guatemala, where he witnessed the CIA-backed overthrow of its leftist government, which only served to deepen his convictions.

After his degree he began the life of a bohemian. An army battery fired twenty-one cannon shots in honour of Che.

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During this period, he acquired his famous nickname, due to his frequent use of the Argentine filler syllable che a multi-purpose discourse markerlike the syllable " eh " in Canadian English. Che Guevara was the eldest of five children in a middle-class Argentine family of leftist leanings.

Guevara cited these experiences as convincing him that in order to "help these people", he needed to leave the realm of medicine and consider the political arena of armed struggle.

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Those persons executed by Guevara or on his orders were condemned for the usual crimes punishable by death at times of war or in its aftermath: desertion, treason or crimes such as rape, torture or murder. What did Che Guevara believe in? His daughter Aleida is the spokesperson. Visit Website The Cuban Revolution However, as Guevara's interest in Marxism grew, he decided to abandon medicine, believing that only revolution could bring justice to the people of South America. During this period, he acquired his famous nickname, due to his frequent use of the Argentine filler syllable che a multi-purpose discourse marker , like the syllable " eh " in Canadian English. Still, news organizations were wary. This became the cornerstone of his plans to bring about socialism by means of a worldwide revolution.

On June 27, Arbenz decided to resign. He headed the first Cuban missions to the Soviet Union, China and the founding members of the Non Aligned countries of which Cuba became a leading member.

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He died in after having written a vitriolic book about Cuba. In every other Cuban household and every single office of the public sector there is a photograph of the fallen martyr. He had tried to join the Nicaraguan, Guatemalan and Venezuelan guerrilla. Deserters were punished as traitors, and Guevara was known to send squads to track those seeking to go AWOL. Guevara expounded a vision of a new socialist citizen who would work for the good of society rather than for personal profit, a notion he embodied through his own hard work. The key portion of training involved learning hit and run tactics of guerrilla warfare. He also became well known in the West for his opposition to all forms of imperialism and neocolonialism and for his attacks on U.
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Compañero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara by Jorge G. Castañeda