Thesis on factors affecting reading comprehension

There are mainly three causes for poor reading comprehension: First is, if the person has a language problem. Only a small number of students are able to answer the questions in broken language. The second part is composed of questions that determined the perception of the students on their Teachers competence in teaching reading.

English in Pakistan is placed in the 2nd circle: the outer circle in the model given by Kachru in which English is learnt and used as a 2nd language. Category Excellent Outstanding Very Satisfactory Satisfactory Fair Poor Very Poor Grades 96 91 95 86 90 81 85 76 80 71 75 70 below To determine relationship of pupils reading skills and their academic achievement, it was necessary to come up with a correlation between research made test and academic performance grade of Grade V students in Kitang Elementary School.

Reasons for poor reading comprehension

The kind of materials that the respondents read enhanced their ability to comprehend a text 3. Comprehension is reading with understanding. This is where data collection procedures involve no intrusion into the naturally occurring course of events. In the study of Pearson and Gallagher in , they categorized cognitive strategies by what teachers need to do to teach reading effectively and subdivided these strategies into pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading activities. Descriptive research is a research design in which events are recorded, described, interpreted, analyzed and compared. Reading a lot is one of the most powerful methods of increasing fluency, building vocabulary, and improving comprehension. Baker, L.

In addition, providing extensive references that teachers can use to find appropriate and scientifically validated instructional methods. This also attempted to find out whether or not reading comprehension skills of elementary students have a significant relationship with their academic performance.

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How high-and low-challenge tasks affect motivation and learning: Morales, K. Research and studies done by different person all over the world are mentioned here, and everyone agreed that reading comprehension skills of pupils at present must be given full attention because it does affect their performance in class and with their future endeavors.

Decoding refers to deciphering of printed symbols into language and involves perceptual and linguistic passing aspect of reading act related to letter, sound correspondences, word identification and lexical access. He will therefore speak haltingly and with great difficulty.

A Diagrammatical Representation of the Independent Variable composes of reading comprehension skills and its correlation to the dependent variable which is the academic performance. Students are weak at the recognition of words used at different places as different parts of speech.

The role of reading skill in improving other linguistic skills and the role of reading skill in our educational systems will also be brought in consideration.

More especially this study sought to answer these problems: 1.

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