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Adding feelings to your essays can be much more powerful than just listing your achievements. Warmth, closeness. Proofread to make sure that a reference to how much you love a specific school only appears on the essay s which will go to THAT school! How is the fact that her brother made it change the image? Many are boring. Do take your time on the essay. Do plan ahead.

Colleges want to hear about YOU. If you already have, erase them from memory and write the story you want colleges to hear. This college essay tip is by Nancy Griesemer, University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University graduate and founder of College Explorations who has decades of experiencing counseling high schoolers on getting into college.

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Bottom line: If you have your own personal style and approach, use it—as long as your essay 1 shows your passion for learning and shows the college who you are, usually through anecdote, and 2 demonstrates your interest in this college using specifics, not generalities. Don't rely on your parents or your best friend to be the only people who provide feedback on your essay. Google the professors. Until I am able to do all that, I can prepare. Keep it simple! He has previously served as a high school counselor, consultant and author for Kaplan Test Prep, and advisor to U. Failure is essayistic gold. We learned about their responsibility, creative thinking, teamwork and resilience in a fun and entertaining way. The essays that made the best impressions on me were the essays that were real. If you give yourself ample time for the writing process to unfold, the end product is sure to be superior.

Insight answers the question: So what? Look for the college on YouTube and Facebook. Do have a teacher, counselor, parent or friend with strong writing skills proofread your essay. Try the imperative, think about your future tense, when you would have looked back to the imperfect that defines us and awaits us.

Write about that.

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Not "what do they Want to hear? Now we get it.

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If you can write one essay which is appropriate for a few colleges, all the better. Wait, actually try cutting this in your mind before scrolling down.

Help them connect the dots and let them know you are there for a reason. Sometimes the seemingly smallest moments lead us to the biggest breakthroughs.

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Simple Truths About The College Essay